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Isis (book #2)

Is it murder, or a welcome release? After defeating the ‘Anubis Killer’ NYPD homicide detective Prentiss finds herself on the trail of the mysterious ‘Dark Lady’, a spectral woman who targets the aged and infirm. Her investigations lead her to the For-Life Foundation.

What happens next will confound her understanding of reality and confront her with horrors beyond her wildest imagination. Death, despair, and the stench of evil await her in the shadows.


Anubis (book #1)

A series of brutal murders pitch NYPD homicide detective Prentiss into the most bizarre cases in her entire career.

Why is an ancient god stalking New York’s philanthropic elite leaving their half-naked bodies shockingly mutilated? What secrets caused their humiliating deaths?

To find the answers, Prentiss risks not only her sanity but even her immortal soul: is she ready to be weighed in death’s scale?


About the Author

Derek E Pearson is a Foreword Indies BOOK AWARDS FINALIST .

GODS' Warrior (Fantasy)

GODS' Fool (Fantasy)
GODS' Enemy (Fantasy)
Star Weaver (Science Fiction)


Four of Derek E Pearson’s novels are finalists in the international Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards, including all three volumes in his science fiction/fantasy Preacher Spindrift series. Apart from a dozen novels in that genre he’s written a historical/romance fiction, as a Norwich School of Art graduate he’s illustrated children’s stories including one on wildlife conservation, and his second young adult fiction is a 2020 new release.

He has also worked in publishing and journalism, specialising in the dental industry with his online magazine Dental Review.



Fiction : Occult & Supernatural

Science Fiction / Alien Contact

Fiction | Dark Fantasy


Isis: isbn: 9781912576418 paperback | 9781912576425 eBook

Anubis: isbn: 9781912031146 paperback 9781912031139 eBook​

The Gathering of Gods series - by Derek E Pearson

£10.99 Regular Price
£7.69Sale Price
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