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George S Boughton


GB Publishing Org (GBP)

GBP, founded in 2013 by George S Boughton, is a small indie publisher based in Weybridge, Surrey, UK, with several book award winners/finalists. Born in Eritrea, Boughton grew up in Rome, New York and UK. His working life, before finally settling in England, was in Nigeria, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Australia and South Africa. A Chartered Engineer (M. I. Mech. E) he is also an author with a passion for nature and art.

a book is for life

Strong on quality GBP has grown in recognition as an independent publisher. Notably, GBP offers writers, unparalleled in publishing circles, that: a book is for life, its life and not a print life of two or so years, in effect in perpetuity.


book trade attention has swung from self-publishing

back to recognized publishers (GBP included)

About the writing boom: The itch to write, and moreover be published, shot up as technology made that so much more attainable to everyone. Initially, self-publishing propelled some debut writers to stardom but then soon overwhelmed booksellers, press, media and even literary awards. As a consequence of the sheer volume, overtaking that of all past millennia, book trade attention has swung from self-publishing back to recognised publishers (GBP included) as well as to best-selling authors and with time to spare in their COVID isolation, which happens to have further bumped up book sales, celebrities too.

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