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‘When the new century roared, she threw a custard pie in its face. When the cameras rolled, she became a star.’ Melia Nord was a phenomenon of the silent movies.

As fast-paced as a police detective – and with whodunnit, colourful characters and enough drama to make a film precursor to L.A. Confidential – Celluloid Peach tells the tale of an ill-fated actress and her star-crossed lover working in the early days of American movies. A riveting fictional story of romance and tragedy, the novel tracks the true history of the dawn of Hollywood, how the film industry moved from small New York City studios to California. Steeped in vivid early 20th century details, crackling dialogue and non-stop action, Celluloid Peach is impossible to put down.


Protagonist Melia Nord is that ultimate shooting star. Her ascent will be as swift as her fall – she can light up the sky and dazzle a continent, but she’s fated to a hard landing. Beautiful, wide-eyed, young and innocent, she’s also a determined firecracker. Her smile, raw energy and steely confidence soon project her beyond modelling and dancing to the glamorous world of moving pictures and she becomes a legend of the early silver screen.


Format: Paperback


About the Author

Derek E Pearson is a Foreword Indies BOOK AWARDS FINALIST .

GODS' Warrior (Fantasy)

GODS' Fool (Fantasy)
GODS' Enemy (Fantasy)
Star Weaver (Science Fiction)


Four of Derek E Pearson’s novels are finalists in the international Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards, including all three volumes in his science fiction/fantasy Preacher Spindrift series. Apart from a dozen novels in that genre he’s written a historical/romance fiction, as a Norwich School of Art graduate he’s illustrated children’s stories including one on wildlife conservation, and his second young adult fiction is a 2020 new release.

He has also worked in publishing and journalism, specialising in the dental industry with his online magazine Dental Review.



Fiction | Historical

Fiction | Romance


isbn: 9781912576845 paperback | 9781912576852 eBook

Celluloid Peach - by Derek E Pearson

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