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'When nearly two hundred young people mysteriously disappear from a spa resort near Manitoba's Duck Mountain the event sets in motion a story that will span continents, travel light years and enter strange new dimensions; while diminutive medium Medina Bishop follows perplexing clues that lead her to a startling and dangerous revelation.

Medina becomes the hub around whom the story unfolds. Her impossible task is to save hundreds of dead souls from an eternity of tortured madness, but she is not alone. At her shoulder stands an earth elemental, Fargo, who was sent to protect her from the nightmare forces arrayed against her and with whom she finds a bizarre and touching kind of love.

Her liberty − and even her life – are at stake when she finds herself embroiled in a story almost half a billion years in the making.’


Format: Paperback


About the Author

Derek E Pearson is a Foreword Indies BOOK AWARDS FINALIST .

GODS' Warrior (Fantasy)

GODS' Fool (Fantasy)
GODS' Enemy (Fantasy)
Star Weaver (Science Fiction)


Four of Derek E Pearson’s novels are finalists in the international Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards, including all three volumes in his science fiction/fantasy Preacher Spindrift series. Apart from a dozen novels in that genre he’s written a historical/romance fiction, as a Norwich School of Art graduate he’s illustrated children’s stories including one on wildlife conservation, and his second young adult fiction is a 2020 new release.

He has also worked in publishing and journalism, specialising in the dental industry with his online magazine Dental Review.



Science Fiction | Cyberpunk

Science Fiction | Time Travel

Fiction | Fantasy


isbn: 9780993507281 paperback | 9780993507298 eBook

Slave Skin - by Derek E Pearson

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