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Best Read for 2022

Autobiography: Personal Memoirs

isbn: 9781912576951 Hardback | 9781912576968 Paperback |
9781912576975 eBook)

Keith Futcher

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BROOKLANDS MUSEUM (UK) – TALK by KEITH FUTCHER and The Short Ride Down to the talk

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Broadcast by Brooklands Radio and on Livestream, the author and his compatriots from Absurd were invited, by Members of Brooklands Museum (BM), to a talk chaired by member John Bottomley on the evening of 19 May 2022.  A signature event to which they rode motorcycles from York, their original starting point, in their minds thinking: you are never too old to ride out on your motorbike in search of adventure.   

The Short Ride Down

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Day 1 - May 17th 


ETD 09.30 am.  Fifty miles from the Red Lion Country Inn at Upper Poppleton (YO26 6PR) to the Carding Shed and IK SportClassics at Washpit Mill (HD9 2RD) on the Pennines side of Holmfirth via A64, A642, A637, A629.


ETD 13.00 pm. Seventy-five miles from the Carding Shed at Washpit Mills (HD9 2RD) Holmfirth, to Garage39 at Donington Park Race Track (DE74 2RP) via A616, A621, A609, A6, A453

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Day 2 - May 18th           


ETD 09.300 am.  60 miles from Garage 39 at Donington Park (DE74 2RP) to 1902Cafe at Triumph Experience at Hinckley (LE10 3BZ) via A453.

ETD 13.00 pm. 50 miles from 1902Cafe at Triumph Experience at Hinckley (LE10 3BZ) to Super Sausage Cafe Nr Silverstone (NN12 7QD) via A426, A428.


ETD 16.00 pm. 40 miles from Super Sausage Cafe Nr Silverstone (NN12 7QD) to Great Missenden, Bucks (HP16 0DG) via A422, A418.

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Day 3 - May 19th 


ETD 14.30 pm subject to traffic.  Thirty-five miles from Nags Head Lane, Great Missenden (HP16 0DG) to Brooklands Motor Museum (KT13 0QN) at Weybridge. 


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Elizabeth Martin (Producer) Jim Martin (Presenter)


"Keith Futcher’s Absurd is high adventure blended with life lessons told so vividly that by the time you put the book down you’ll find yourself brushing dust from his adventure off your own skin."

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Author Keith Futcher on 2 April 2019 at

Keith Futcher

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