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You Are Noah sees you taking a personal and central role in a dramatic dream: the saving of wildlife and endangered species within their environments. The journey begins with this book and its tie-in to TV series Noah’s Ark, scheduled to commence in January 2021, as TV cameras track the conception, design and build of the world’s most technologically advanced safari park.

This intends to be the most ambitious conservation project in history. Incorporating advanced research as well as Jurassic strength and security, the future 100-square kilometres conservation park landscape lies on the North-East coast of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Eco-tourism will be at the heart of its sustainability. The park’s aquarium will be the biggest sea life centre in the world. While massive Eden-project-like Geo Domes, built using smart glass and sophisticated climate control systems, will provide ecosystems for animals from other continents whilst under the South African sun.

Noah’s Ark, a response to the ecosystem crisis our planet faces, is intended to show the way for many more to follow. Yes, we are taking more notice of climate change also recycling and prioritising renewable energy. Plus, especially now with Covid-19 restrictions, people are reconnecting with nature. All of which is raising awareness to the overriding need for a world-saving solution.

The initial challenge for the project team, led by Richard & Hein Prinsloo-Curson, is to inspire YOU and all those who want to save our planet and all our precious fellow creatures, to activate a massive change in environmental policies worldwide.

* The Noah’s Ark Foundation is a non-profit organisation set up to manage the ark and support global projects which prevent deforestation, pollution and animal poaching.






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