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Tulsi the Tiger  & Stories of his Jungle Friends

Dr Chet Trivedy 

Illustrated  by Derek E Pearson

Foreword - Saba Douglas-Hamilton, Samburu National Reserve, Kenya

"Dr Chet Trivedy, has dedicated his life to improving the health of his patients. Having also turned his hand to tiger conservation, he now blends his background in medicine with his love for wildlife in this charming tale to bring some of India’s less-known creatures, like the dhole and gaur, into the spotlight.

Through the eyes of an elderly tiger that befriends a young girl, the reader departs on a quest to encounter some of the charismatic creatures that live in the jungles of India. Gently woven into the tales of each of these lovable characters are important lessons about the health challenges children face all over the world today, from which we can all learn."



When little Poppy visited the zoo she met Tulsi, the last tiger in the world.
Reading the sign that warned ‘Beware of the Tiger’ began an adventure she could never forget.

"Are you going to eat me?" asked Poppy.

"Certainly not," replied the old tiger "and, besides, I’ve lost my teeth. Can you help me find them?"

Thus began a magical journey deep within the enchanted forests of India. Through stories filled with fun and excitement – learning about Tulsi’s wonderful jungle friends, sharing their stories of adventure, friendship and bravery – and the vibrant Indian jungle home he always loved, but had to leave behind...


Format: Paperback


About the Author

Kidnapped by baboons as a baby and, when aged four, a runaway from his family home to look for Cheetah’s, Dr Chet Trivedy was destined for a career around wildlife. After nearly 30 years experience in healthcare, dentistry, academia and emergency medicine, also as a cancer specialist, when recovering from a stroke he sought refuge in the company of tigers at the local zoo..


About Tulsi

The Tulsi Foundation is a voluntary non-profit organisation that was set up in 2016 to support the health of frontline staff who work and live in the jungles of India.

To date the Tulsi Foundation with the support of WCT an Indian wildlife charity has trained over 1,100 rangers in 14 tiger reserves across three states in Central India. These staff play a key role in keeping Tulsi the tiger and jungle friends safe and ensuring that these animals are around for future generations to come.

We hope that any profits from this book will support this much needed work. More information on our work can be found at



Juvenile Fiction | Jungle Animals

Juvenile Fiction | Science & Nature | Environment

Conservation of Wildlife & Habitats

Wildlife mammals

Wildlife & Habitats: Jungles & Tropical Forests


isbn: 9781912576371 Paperback | 9781912576388 eBook

Tulsi the Tiger - by Dr Chet Trivedy -all author profits to the Tulsi Foundation

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