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Our world has gone mad –
politically and otherwise

But why and how did it come to this?
A wry look at the state of the UK (and beyond), focusing on the appalling standards of governance and leadership we see today, and the ineffectiveness of our myriad institutions. Starting with a review of the 2016 referendum and its aftermath, the author moves on to consider the wider problems we are facing. This includes a close look at the work of our regulatory bodies, who have become a billion pound industry covering everything from regulation of the press to the funding of political parties, and communications to the supply of gas and electricity.

The book also considers the dreadful state of the criminal justice system; broadcasting, and the decline of the BBC, as well as asking why overseas aid is frequently sent to undeserving places and spent unwisely in places that need help.

This is a revealing investigation into the sheer incompetence of the state we are currently in, and the story of how we got here.


About the author

David Ritchie drifted into journalism when he edited the student newspaper at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand for two years in the early 1960s – where he was studying to become a secondary school teacher.

Subsequently, while turning his attention to economics and accounting, he was offered jobs on a number of business and agricultural publications. He has lived in Surrey, England, since 1971, making a meagre living editing an assortment of trade and professional publications until his retirement in 2016, since when, as an ageing and slightly cynical writer, he has turned his attention to investigating political machinations and the structure of governmental and regulatory bodies in the UK and elsewhere, along with various other aspects of life in general.



Political structure and processes…


isbn: 9781912576173 paperback  | 9781912576180 eBook

Time's Up! But what brought us to this? - by David Ritchie

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