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Recipes for ROMANCE    by world renowned astrologer Penny Thornton     (Coffee Table Cookbook paperback)       SIGNED


SENSUOUS CELESTIAL COOKING? Yup.            SEE MORE             


Could serving the right food capture a heart? Yes, according to passionate cook Penny Thornton (author of Suns and Lovers) who believes matching meals to personality types can open the route to happy seduction.


Want to cook to win a heart? Penny’s advice: spread your love over a perfectly laid table and then serve sensual starters, mouth-watering mains and puddings to provoke passion.


Not easy? Yes, could be, with a little help from Zodiac Cooks, a book packed with recipes targeted for love with the right person for you.


What some people relish could be ‘poison’ to others so, before that special dinner at yours, check out a potential new partner’s taste. Plain food, or titillating choices? Would s/he warm to a hearty French cassoulet, or might a delicate sea bass prove more tempting.


Cleverly linking likes and dislikes from trends in star signs, ardent home-based cook Thornton has produced a unique book which includes a fine selection of tried and tested recipes for informed seduction – a novel idea for this fun, delicious book: Zodiac Cooks, by Penny Thornton.




FEMAIL, DAILY MAIL ONLINE: "How your star sign rules your DIET – Princess Diana's astrologer reveals how the zodiac impacts everything from cravings to your cooking style"


WOMAN & HOME: "w&h’s astrologer Penny Thornton reveals how your star sign can affect what you eat, how you cook – and even your temperament in the kitchen…"


Also on TV shows – THE LIST (USA), EXPRESSO (Africa), TOP BILLING (Africa)...


About the author

Penny Thornton has been an astrologer for over thirty years. She has a global clientele and her website, is one of the top astrology sites in the world. A classically trained astrologer, she has published books for the astrological purist and written articles and columns in magazines and newspapers. In 1995, a six-month daily spot on the US Food Network drew together her talents as a cook and astrologer; from those seeds The Zodiac Cooks germinated.

Penny has three grown-up sons and, with her partner, divides her time between the USA, UK and Sweden.

The Morton Report: "Penny Thornton – What do the Stars Hold for William and Kate?"

The Zodiac Cooks -by renowned astrologer Penny Thornton - coffee-table cookbook

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