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TV Presenter Juliette Foster: "reminiscent of Stephen King's The Shining"


The ordinary (book #2)

Born from humanity - destined to destroy it



Allegory-laden horror-satire in which Stanley, one of the 'ordinary', is so evil his touch alone freezes girls’ minds with fear; caught up in porn, in their teens, he captures and keeps them as trophies.

While, the ‘ordinary' feed from humanity’s rot intent on bringing about the next phase for the human race.

Amid this dark descent humanity's fight for survival, as with retired policeman Rob, his son Jez and girlfriend Maria, seems doomed by its own dark, arrogant dehumanising of women.


DANTE magazine: "Fusing horror, psychology and new age religion, this is a novel that repels as much as it fascinates… definitely not for the squeamish.A world where pornography is mainstream viewing, money is valued above self-respect while goodness hovers near the edge of extinction."

FLUX magazine interview, July 10 2015: "Christopher Ritchie has marked himself out as a rising star in fiction.

The ordinary, plugs straight into the zeitgeist. Indeed, with the main theme being the viral spreading of fear via the media in a world where pornography has become commonplace, it’s not all that far-fetched for a horror story." “I find the real horror is there for all to see,” Ritchie says. “The news now compared to five or 10 years ago is really so much more aggressive and depressing. We’re fed large helpings of gruesome discovery every day and that’s just not good for the mind."

“That’s primarily what The ordinary is about, dressed up in horror-satire as a man takes on a crusade to punish girls who willingly go into porn.

My story sets up a reality not so unlike ours, where porn is becoming more acceptable and it’s driving a really seedy industry where on the fringes we’re seeing human trafficking, effectively sex slavery, girls being lost to the world, hooked on hard drugs… to me that’s just so awful and, troublingly, so likely.

Ritchie describes it as a virus and reckons it’s spreading worryingly fast. “It is! You’ve got 10-year-olds with smart phones exchanging this stuff in playgrounds. They’re growing up with this mass exposure to what is essentially dehumanising women, making sex something dark rather than enjoyable, and they’re indirectly feeding an industry which is purely and simply exploitative. I’m fascinated but absolutely disgusted by that world.

There is some light in the darkness though. The ordinary is an allegory-laden satire, with impressive character development, twists, and a hefty dose of black comedy."




House of Pigs (book #1)



SURREY ADVERTISER: "a vivid nightmare, with influences ranging from Twin Peaks creator David Lynch to Stephen King


SURREY LIFE magazine: "This brain-twister of a novel, by horror author Christopher Ritchie, has won plenty of acclaim and deservedly so as he takes the reader on a frightening, disturbing journey that tests the imagination, pushing it beyond the limits of 'normal'.

"When officer Joe Gullidge is sent on a routine police call, the situation rapidly descends into a sequence of horrifically unsettling events that eat into the very depths of his soul. As 'Gully' is dragged into a reluctant search for the truth, his conscious mind struggles to separate reality from the suggestion of a parallel world. Is Gully's journey a metaphor for the deeper reality of an inescapable past - or is the explanation more straightforward than it initially appears?

"House of Pigs doesn't fall into the 'easy read' category given the complexity of its ideas and multiple layers of interpretation - but these are strengths not weaknesses. This is a grippingly surreal novel with an edgy narrative and visual touches reminiscent of Stephen King's The Shining."


Format: Paperback


About the author

Christopher Ritchie: "I've always been a writer, as long as I can remember. Writing short stories as a child, irritating my teachers with overly long descriptive passages, and attempting to translate my talent for mischief onto the page.

Thirty or so years later, I wrote a book, and then another one. Now I'm the kind of person who gets taken away by things – by TV shows, movies, books, videogames... I get lost in these worlds. I love getting lost in them. They fuel my imagination, they inform my dreams, and they open my mind to infinite possibilities.

And so my debut offering, House of Pigs, is genuinely the product of two dreams, one a nightmare. I woke up and started writing. Thirty eight years of influences, experiences and ideas came together. Light in the darkness. Redemption. Horror. The unknown. The things that scare me in my nightmares are now committed to paper and binary code.

A little while after that, I wrote the award-winning (IndieFab Book of the Year Silver Award for Horror) The ordinary. It's a dark satire that explores the global spread of fear via a rampant media. Gallows humour, epic scale, and – well, read the reviews for yourself.

I hope you enjoy my work. These books were immensely fun to write. Slowly I am creating a world for other people to lose themselves in and, hopefully, get a little bit scared just as I did.

My next novel, Nuclear Rock, should be out some time in 2017. Thanks for reading."



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The ordinary: isbn: 9780993163975 paperback | 9780993163982 eBook

House of pigs: isbn: 9780957297050 paperback | 9780957297067 eBook


The ordinary soundtrack by Christopher Ritchie




Der Schatten Der Schweine (book #1a)


German translation of House of Pigs

The Ordinary series - by Christopher Ritchie

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