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Doogie and the Pyramid of Dungalore (book #2)

Entered in the Blue Peter Book Awards 


In this thrilling sequel to Doogie And The Rollers, Doogie and his friends decide to investigate the mysterious pyramid of Dungalore.

But what begins as an adventure quickly becomes a race against time for Doogie and his friends to save their fellow dung beetles, battling through booby traps and escaping a host of ferocious creatures.

Finding an unexpected ally with a shocking revelation, Doogie leads his friends through the pyramid to face a terrifying new enemy. Will he be able to defeat them and save his friends?


Doogie and The Rollers (book #1)

Hands off our poo!


Doogie has had enough. His band of Rollers have had their dung stolen by the thuggish Dwellers one too many times, and now he’s determined to go somewhere where they will never find him.

And so he leads his friends on a gruelling quest for a magical land of endless dung.

Along the way, crossing over and under both land and water, they face terrifying crocodiles, ferocious lions and deadly eagles.


Eventually, Doogie not only has to face his arch enemy, but save the girl he loves and lead his friends to the promised land.

It’s an exhilarating adventure in a hilarious world of poo!


Review - Erin Cook:

Book #1 - "fast paced… unique and well written… full of action, adventure and humour"

Book #2 - "many surprises and unexpected twists… a rollercoaster adventure… good sense of family"


Format: Paperback


About the author

For Sharif Islam - whose articles, editorials, features and photographs on world travels and country estates have adorned national publications as well as international magazines online - his debut into children’s books with Doogie and the Rollers is the perfect expression of his sense of adventure and fun.



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Book #1 - sbn: 9780957297098 paperback | 9780957672802 eBook

Book #2 - isbn: 9780957672857 paperback | 9780993163951 eBook

The Adventures of Doogie - by Sharif Islam

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