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Showing off, bullying and taunting do not win in the end.

A small happy frog lives quietly in a garden pond until his peace is disturbed by the arrival of three rather unpleasant goldfish who show off, bully him, and taunt him every day about his ugliness. Then, one day, a heron flies up looking for food; he settles beside the pond unseen by the fish and then gobbles them up, not noticing Spoddle. Soon after, he is joined by another frog seeking a new home…


Format: Paperback


About the author

Keen watercolourist and retired museum administrator, Martyn Tillier has spent many years at the British Museum and, more recently, at the William Morris Gallery. Being housebound during the Covid-19 pandemic, he decided to illustrate this little tale at the request of his daughter Holly, a graphic designer. Spoddle the Frog is among several stories he made up to tell his children when they were little.



Juvenile Fiction | Animals | Frogs & Toads

Conservation of Wildlife & Habitats


isbn: 9781912576920 Paperback | 9781912576937 eBook)

Spoddle the Frog – by Martyn Tillier, illustrated by Martyn Tillier

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