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Plants & Us by John Akeroyd, Donough O'Brien, Liz Cowley 

How they shape human history & society

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In the press: The Telegraph  "A fascinating new book"

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A completely new look at plants – not only in food, drink and commerce, and how they have created civilisation, trade and empires, but also in love, in war, in crime, in horror and delight, in music, poetry and prose, and on the screen.

Not just another gardening or plant book, this is a complete picture of how plants affect people, for better or worse, now, in the past and in the future with illuminating and startling facts about their ubiquitous presence in human affairs – through life, death, illness, happiness, murder, despair, desperation, love, hate, loss, and far more.

From Presidents to pop stars, from scientists to slavers, royals to religious leaders, chefs to charlatans, pioneers to politicians, artists to actors, Plants & Us is a unique overview of plants, wild and cultivated, their vital importance and the threats they face. Above all, how they affect all our lives in stories that will often surprise the reader.



Plants & Us - J Akeroyd, D O'Brien, L Cowley - Telegraph "fascinating new book"

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