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OutTack by George S Boughton  Hard Science Fiction [based on scientific research]

Action over Climate Change, Environmental & Wildlife Conservation as well as Overpopulation have persistently failed to stem widespread biodiversity losses and degradation of resources. The worldover cities are not only overcrowded but once again becoming impoverished.

Then there are real warnings of Mass Extinction, long anticipated, resulting from inaction over fossil fuels.


An international team of researchers is assigned to live and work in the newly built Near Earth Territories, comprising a squadron of Giga-vessels (each 2.6 billion cubic meters) anchored in Earth orbit. The spaces within, bathed in real sunlight, exemplify the best of nature with rural areas equivalent in every respect to the greenest provinces on Earth.

Least qualified among the scientists is Sashia, a paraplegic who surprisingly becomes a rock on which they all depend. Doctors Mei Sai Ling and Steven Nord form the scientific team’s backbone, headed by Professor Mark Madison and assisted by FayWell, the enigmatic Artificial Intelligence to the squadron.

They research natural disasters that began to grow at the turn of the millennium, looking for similarities in the Cretaceous Mass Extinction – starting with Climate Change – to determine all factors in the demise of dinosaurs. Their findings are ground-breaking, casting new light on that event. All the while seeing news coverage that becomes increasingly grim, as refugees fleeing disasters swell mass migrations, civil strife grips the globe and new styled warlords battle with United Nation Security Council forces over provinces. Then the researchers come under attack; their escort, the biggest and best US Navy battle-carrier, is targeted.

The whole scene is of the demise of life as we've known it on Earth. The human species is as much a casualty as all the other species in this Mass Extinction – childbirth licensing to cap populations was introduced far too late.

And, yet, it is also the birth of a new species – in effect one that has outgrown planet Earth. The Territories squadron is predominantly manned by young adults who had a start as designer-babies. Made to reside permanently in space they are the beginning of a new, mutated, branch of the human species – extraterrestrial.

As for the Earth: It's not too late. Time to let nature revive and evolve on its own…


Format: Paperback


About the author

Born to English parents in Eritrea, George S Boughton is a Chartered Engineer - BSc (Hons) MechE (UK) - who's led an expatriate life in oilfield engineering (with Shell and Creole Production Services International, Texas), change management (with the Nichols Group, UK) and Information Management services (with Azeus Systems Ltd, Hong Kong).

Now based in the UK, his deep knowledge of oil exploration and production coupled with dire experiences working in remote areas and conflict zones (notably Biafra) have served him well in researching all aspects of the complex, highly scientific and intensely political DeepStorm OutTack adventure.



Environment & Wildlife Conservation


Science Fiction: High Tech | Genetic Engineering | Near-future | Apocalyptic & post-apocalyptic | Cyberpunk



Climate change

Natural disasters

Geological surface processes



isbn: 9780957297081 paperback | 9780957297005 eBook

OutTack - by George S Boughton

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