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Autobiology of a Vet by John Sauvage – veterinary memoir paperback

Photos included

Press/Media: Take a Break, Companion Life, Improve Vetinary Practice, Vetclick, Your Dog, Vetinary News, Talk Radio Europe. 

A graduate of the Royal Veterinary College, John went to East Africa with a research team.  His veterinary experience back in the UK ranged from cattle to dog and equine practice, taught local farmers and gained higher qualifications with the Open University and then in veterinary cardiology.  Which took him to Australia, Portugal, Republic of Ireland and Norway.


Absurd by Keith Futcher -– memoir/travel paperback

Photographs by Jason Howe

A real life adventure across the deserts of Morocco by seniors on motorbikes.

Press/Media: Octane magazine, Bike magazine, Talk Radio Europe, Adventure Rider Radio and more. Interview witht Brooklands Museum (BM) member John Bottomley on Brooklands Radio and Livestream. A signature event to which they rode motorcycles from York, their original starting point, in their minds thinking: you are never too old to ride out on your motorbike in search of adventure.


Seafaring The Full Story by Captain George P Boughton – SAILING CLASSIC , memoir paperback

SIGNED by the author's grandson  (bought here)

A real life adventure beautifully Illustrated by Kenneth D Shoesmith.

Press:The Times Literary Supplement: "His book is genuine sea salt"; The Spectator: "recalls emotions [on life at sea] that have fleeted from the minds of most"; Surrey Life magazine: "Captain George P Boughton's maritime career began in 1881 at the age of 12, and now this intriguing memoir of a life at sea is available to a new generation of readers."


Nora & John by Nora and John Murray – biography paperback

A Cold War Best Seller, re-published with more coverage of the couple's incredible escape from Stalin's Soviet Russia, just as Nazi Germany invaded Moscow in WWII.

Press: The Times Literary Supplement, People, and many regional press in the UK

A dire reflection of what Putin seeks to restore, in the Ukraine and potentially across all of eastern Europe, in the eyes of young Nora. The daughter of the NKVD (secret police) chief, she watched as friends of hers went missing – even simply for wanting to dance the Foxstrot – and then her father disappeared...


Black Gold - Black Scorpion by George S Boughton – memoir paperback

SIGNED by the author (bought here)

The author's memoir as an oil worker in the Biafran War tells of evacuations and news black outs his family endured but also his capture by Brigadier Adekunle, the ruthless 'Black Scorpion'

Press/Media: TV Presenter Juiette Foster


Plants & Us by John Akeroyd, Donough O'Brien, Liz Cowley – wildlife and culture paperback

Foreword by Sir Tim Smit, The Eden Project, Cornwall (UK)

The Telegraph:  A fascinating new book

Press: Countryman, Gardens Illustrated, Garden News, Professional Gardener, Local Gardene, Horticultural Week, Caduceus, WI Life, The American, BSBI News, The Tablet, Scottish Field, The Field, Fine Food Digest

A compendium of brief stories on the impact of plants on cultures and societies through time.

Included is the Interdependence of Plants and Animals. Which, with the Eden Project's domes, adds a great deal to the understanding needed to embrace the Noah's Ark project in You are Noah!







Non-Fiction Biography Memoir paperbacks

  • From USA (not signed)

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