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A night of little interest to most turns out to be the most momentous and threatening of peoples' lives, when they wake to a world without progeny.

With no chance of ever conceiving women wonder about making themselves attractive or taking any interest in fashion or beauty. Would they do all that just for themselves? And, if offspring are no longer a viable option, is there a need for men in the aging world that awaits?

A mysterious meteor-like object hits the sea off Ireland, quickly followed globally by hundreds more, creating vast amounts of vapour, but little damage. The mists soon clear and people start to relax.

But within weeks comes a shocking realisation. Men are suddenly and inexplicably impotent and infertile, with doctors as baffled as they are. No more babies? The devasting news dominates the media – and markets across the globe begin to collapse as the horrific economic implications of an ageing and terminally reducing world sink in.

Scientific and military and space experts find evidence that now convinces sceptical world leaders that an alien force intends to take over a weakened world by the patient and devious means of destroying human reproduction.


One brave woman puts forward a radical idea as the only possible and secret solution. But will it work?


About the Authors

Liz Cowley had a long career as an advertising copywriter. A lifelong fan of poetry, she enjoyed success with A Red Dress and What am I doing here?, made into a theatrical show in Ireland and the UK. She first became involved with botany working with John Akeroyd on Plant Talk, and turned her gardening hobby into Outside in my dressing gown, Gardening in Slippers and Green Fingers, soon called ‘Britain’s gardening poet’. A further humorous poetry book, Pass the Prosecco, Darling! was about cooking disasters.
She has since written a war novel, From one hell to another, with her husband Donough O’Brien, together with three thrillers.

Donough O’Brien enjoyed a marketing career in Britain and the USA, and having visited fifty-one countries, his first book was Fame by Chance, looking at places that only became famous by a twist of fate. Banana Skins covered the slips and screw-ups that brought the famous down to earth, In the heat of battle took a hard look at those who rose to the occasion in warfare and those who didn’t, and WHO? examined the most remarkable people you’ve never heard of.
He and Liz have a house in France, where they wrote From one hell to another, about the Spanish in the French resistance, and where John Akeroyd runs botanical tours, during which the idea of Plants & Us was born.


Series Classifications:
Science Fiction | Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic
Science Fiction | Alien Contact
Fiction |  Contemporary Women
isbn: 9781912031184 Hardback |
9781912031177 Paperback | 9781912031160 eBook

Nightmare: The unfolding of a world crisis - by Liz Cowley & Donough O'Brien

£11.99 Regular Price
£8.39Sale Price
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