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Özlem's Turkish Table by Özlem Warren – SIGNED coffee table cookbook hardback

Foreword by Ghillie Basan

Winner Gourmand World Cookbooks Awards, in Turkish Culture

Best Seller: over 10,000 copies sold

Özlem's homeland Antakya was devastated in the earthquake and tragically she lost relatives 

Press/Media:  Observer Food Monthly,  Washington Post, The Guardian, Sun Travel, Waitrose Food, Time & Leisure, Mediterranean Lifestyle, Mediterranean Living, Londra Gazete, greenprophet, Daiy Sabah, Turkish British, Anglo Turkish Society, Brooklands Radio, Milk Street Radio (USA)

Events; Edinburgh International Book Festival

This book is Özlem’s tribute to the wonderfully diverse cuisine of Turkey and a celebration of her Southern Turkish roots with local recipes from her home town, Antioch, Antakya. 


Little Tommy and the Kingdom of Clouds series (2 books) by Solonair – children's hardback

Illustrations by fine artist Solonair. 

Solonair (Nick, Mykola) is a Ukrainian British sculptor, artist and intellectual freethinker born in Ternopil (Ukraine). Graduate of the Kensington and Chelsea College of Art (UK) and Member of the Chelsea Art Club. He returned to Ukraine to help in rescue and relief operations. All his proceeds from the book (not just 20%) are going to the charity you choose.


Nora & John by Nora and John Murray – biography paperback

A Cold War Best Seller, re-published with more coverage of the couple's incredible escape from Stalin's Soviet Russia, just as Nazi Germany invaded Moscow in WWII.

Press: The Times Literary Supplement, People, and many regional press in the UK

A dire reflection of what Putin seeks to restore, in the Ukraine and potentially across all of eastern Europe, in the eyes of young Nora. The daughter of the NKVD (secret police) chief, she watched as friends of hers went missing – even simply for wanting to dance the Foxstrot – and then her father disappeared...


You are Noah! by Hein Prinzloo Curson – wildlife conservation hardback

Content from Noah's Ark TV Series 1 (Sky TV 2021)

Press/Media: Kay Burley and Good Morning Britain (ITV), Mail Online, Daily Mail, The National Reporter, Daily Express and many more.

The Noah's Ark Foundation is a registered charity so all their procceds (not just 20%) go to the cause in the book. That is to build the world's most amazing wildlife conservation park ever. Captured on camera are steps taken to save UN's red list of endangered species, with full participation of indigenous people, Eden-Project-like domes for species from other climes, a visitor centre, eco-technology, high level Jurassic Park-like security. 

To get the word out, the focus now is on the release of music singles, and a series of gala concerts.

Time to sing to the world the joy and wellbeing we get from nature and what we'll gain by saving it.


Plants & Us by John Akeroyd, Donough O'Brien, Liz Cowley – wildlife and culture paperback

Foreword by Sir Tim Smit, The Eden Project, Cornwall (UK)

The Telegraph:  A fascinating new book

Press: Countryman, Gardens Illustrated, Garden News, Professional Gardener, Local Gardene, Horticultural Week, Caduceus, WI Life, The American, BSBI News, The Tablet, Scottish Field, The Field, Fine Food Digest

A compendium of brief stories on the impact of plants on cultures and societies through time.

Included is the Interdependence of Plants and Animals. Which, with the Eden Project's domes, adds a great deal to the understanding needed to embrace the Noah's Ark project in You are Noah!


GBP Crisis Appeal – from sales here 25% now goes to the crisis relief you choose

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