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On his local & global travels young boy Sam Widges encounters many interesting characters – from a flan fan old man & his monkey mate on a itchy desert island and mice on the moon hiding beneath a big chunk of Chinese cheese, to mysterious performers parading by a Fuji mountain river walk in Japan & didgeridoo dancing outback aboriginals…


Highly detailed illustrations lead us to discover with Sam Widges what he has always been searching for all this time when he has travelled all around the world seeking his mysterious goal. The red world map at the beginning of the book works like a puzzle for readers to try to guess which page relates to which stopover point in the book on his long distance travel to many different continents of this planet & give young readers an insight into our big planet.


His adventure guides the reader to find the inner values of life that mean more to us than all the shiny sparkly attractions of the outside world & its 10,000 hypnotic things. This meditative approach is designed to leave story readers in a peaceful tranquil state of mind ready for a good dream just before bedtime or to feel like they have travelled the world without ever leaving their armchair. He achieves his gentle realisation at last after much soul searching in the same gentle manner a white feather of peace makes contact with a pool of crystal clear water landing in a slow motion soft bounce.


About the Author, a Fine Artist

Morganico the artist that wrote & illustrated this book grew up in a kooky hippy family in South London in the late 70's & 80's embracing the DIY creative culture of poet squatters, dreamer artists, graffiti painters, soul searching skateboarders, new age writers & magical musicians from an early age in a place called Brixton. As a fully fledged adult he is known for painting colourful murals & street art brightening up the cityscapes & carving interesting sculptures from old tree stump bits of wood around the world. Equally happy decorating walls with spray paint & a tiny brush or carving a wooden sculpture with a chainsaw he is overjoyed to be making it in the world of art now after successfully managing to escape a series of bad day jobs of his youth. Lol

Searching With Sam Widges - by Morganico - SIGNED - also Audio movie eBook

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