On his local & global travels young boy Sam Widges encounters many interesting characters including an intriguing old man & monkey on a itchy deserted desert island, mischievous mice on the moon hiding beneath a big chunk of Chinese cheese in lunar orbit, a jazzy jungle buzzing with musical bees, a super windy sideways city that was so breezey all the buildings got built at funny angles by mistake(!), friendly folk growing floating fish on an organic farm in France, the clever cloud people that live in the skies above a faraway city giving advice to all that visit them, all the money in the world hidden in a dusty bank-vault, hypnotic bargainist bingle wingle things in a manic market in South America, joyous misty mountain dancing circles in Ireland with the fairie folk of the emerald hills, Santa Cruz soul surfing beside gardens heaving with hummingbirds & exotic flowers, smokey Fuji Mountain by a river walk in Japan with mysterious performers & desert dancing didgeridooing outback aboriginals amongst others.

Highly detailed illustrations lead us to discover with Sam what he has always been searching for all this time when he has searched all around for his mysterious goal. The world map at the beginning of the book works like a puzzle for readers to try to guess which page relates to which stopover point in the book on his long distance travel to many different continents of this planet. Guiding the reader to find the inner values of life that mean more to us than all the shiney sparkly attractions of the outside world & its 10,000 magnetic things. This meditative approach is tailored to leave readers in a peaceful tranquil state of mind ready for a good dream just before bedtime or to feel like they have travelled the world without ever leaving their chair. He achieves his gentle realisation at last after much searching in the same gentle manner a white feather of peace makes contact landing into a pool of crystal clear water with a soft bounce...

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