Christopher Ritchie shows he's a skilful writer, with his 'The ordinary' an Indies 2015 BOOK AWARD WINNER, HORROR.

TV Presenter JULIETTE FOSTER: "This brain-twister of a novel, by horror author Christopher Ritchie, has won plenty of acclaim and deservedly so as he takes the reader on a frightening, disturbing journey that tests the imagination, pushing it beyond the limits of 'normal'.

A world where nothing is as it seems.

When officer Joe Gullidge is sent on a routine police call, the situation rapidly descends into a sequence of horrifically unsettling events that eat into the very depths of his soul. As 'Gully' is dragged into a reluctant search for the truth, his conscious mind struggles to separate reality from the suggestion of a parallel world. Is Gully's journey a metaphor for the deeper reality of an inescapable past - or is the explanation more straightforward than it initially appears?

House of Pigs doesn't fall into the 'easy read' category given the complexity of its ideas and multiple layers of interpretation - but these are strengths not weaknesses. This is a grippingly surreal novel with an edgy narrative and visual touches reminiscent of Stephen King's The Shining."

HORROR NOVEL REVIEWS: "Needs to be read to even begin to grasp Ritchie’s vision. His alternate worlds… may throw you for an entertaining loop."

REBBIE REVIEWS "will horrify you with some really gritty and gory events… I love the imagery and the pace."

House of Pigs by Christopher Ritchie (PAPERBACK)

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