Launched 2013

PR June 2017

Science Fiction Fantasy & Horror

OUT SOON (July): A witty, wacky SciFi political satire on the President of the USA, STOP THE 'POCALYPSE! I WANNA GET OFF! by Book Award writer Christopher Ritchie
Sci-Fi novels GODS' FOOL, SLAVE SKIN, GALAHAD SUNS by Derek E Pearson and debut author David Kimberley
LATER: Sci-Fi novel THE CATALYST by debut author Bradley Walker
AT THE INDIES BOOK AWARDS (June): Derek E Pearson's Sci-Fi novels STAR WEAVER and GODS' ENEMY
NEW RELEASE (April): Derek E Pearson's Sci-Fi novel THE SWARM
PREVIOUS INDIES BOOK AWARDS (2013 & 2015): Christopher Ritchie's Sci-Fi Finalist novel HOUSE OF PIGS and Winner THE ORDINARY
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